Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This blog is for two types of people:  

First of all, it's NOT for people looking to counteract the "clobber passages" that some Christians use to say God condemns gay sex.  Not because that's not important, but because there are already lots of great resources for doing that.1  It's also not for people who are reading it just to tell me how wrong I am about the bible.  Of course, I guess politely asking has never stopped those people before.

This blog is primarily for bible-believing people who believe that the bible condemns gay relationships.  You might be sympathetic to gay people, even feel a pang of guilt when you hear them say their love doesn't hurt anyone, but what can you do?  The bible says what it says.

The Good news for those people is that the bible isn't a clear as it seems on the subject of gay sex.  I hope to prove to you through these writings that the totality of what the bible has to say about gay sex amounts to: 


It really doesn't make a stand either way.  It IS possible to believe in the bible, AND be fully accepting of your lesbian and gay friends and family.

This blog is secondarily for lesbian and gay folks who have friends and family for whom the only thing standing between them and full acceptance is the bible.  Hopefully this can be a resource you can point them towards.

Things I'm hoping to get to:

  • My own story - from a bible believer, to a gay rights sympathizer, to a minder of my own business, to bible questioner, to finally a full supporter of both the bible and gays.
  • Why interpreting the bible is something all do (not just liberals).
  • Ways of interpreting the "clobber passages."
  • A proposal: Minding our own business
  • Another proposal:  Inclusive interpretation
  • Maybe get into a few lesser known passages of the bible which seem to support other sexual identities.
  • Sex in general and why it's okay too.

  1 If you're looking for that kind of resource, I would check out Matthew Vines's awesome talk "The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality."  It lays out all seven clobber passages in a clear and compelling way.